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Jim Byrne
Jim Byrne Real Estate

Since making the change to Eagle Software we couldn’t be happier. Our previous software provider had many limitations leaving us to use multiple systems.

If our team are not to using the software to create and push their listings to all the real estate portals, they are building and segmenting their personal database.

Eagle is easy to use with lots of great features and it’s always evolving.

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I would like to express my sincere thanks Eagle Software, given we were in desperate need of assistance at the time of our introduction to you and suffering a crisis due to our previous supplier.

My staff love Eagle Agent and we are slowly working towards using all of it’s features to our benefit.

I have owned our real estate agency for nearly 8 years now and for 6 of those years I had been running a website that had a clunky and cumbersome Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that was time consuming and frustrating. One day Nathanael Columbus from Eagle Software called me to inform me that he and Luke were now in the business of building websites specifically designed for the real estate industry. I had dealt with Nathanael in the past and I have had nothing but positive experiences so I had no hesitations in listening to him and giving himself and Luke the opportunity to build a new website and CRM. The new website is very streamlined, user friendly and it looks sharp. The CRM and property up-loader is low fuss, extremely efficient and very easy to use. I would have absolutely no hesitations in recommending Eagle Software to anyone in the industry, I would also be happy to talk to anyone who is considering their services. Check out our website and give me a call.

Nathanael and Luke have been fantastic to deal with. No question is too difficult and no request too complicated.

They provide great ongoing support, I would highly recommend their services to any business.

I engaged 'Eagle Software' to build a website that is related to my profession being Real Estate. I have spent enormous hours researching and also comparing various companies in the past year in anticipation to have a superior web page for my company.

To my staisfaction, all requests were fully met by 'Eagle Software'. It is almot impossible to find superior computer "Guru's" in this fast moving electronic world. I would recommend this excellent company to facilitate your business and to take the advantages of being with 'Eagle Software'.

We knew we needed a new website and CRM, but at times the task seemed daunting as we made our way through a never ending list of designers, multiloaders and people trying to sell us their products.

Nathanael and Luke made the whole process easy to understand, were clear about how they could help us, and answered all of our questions. Furthermore, when we transferred over to Eagle, the transfer was seamless. Gone was our old, boring, hard to use system, and there was our new Eagle designed website.

I recommend Eagle Software when considering a website developer, as they have been excellent in developing my website to my requirements.

I have used other website developers in the past who had no understanding as to my requirements and did not follow up when errors occurred which caused my business many hours of lost productivity and online presence.

It is refreshing to say the least that there is a website development company who listens and works with you as our websites are the window to our business and presentation is important.

I would recommend Eagle Software without hesitation as they are the best company in website development that I have used.

Started our business a couple of years ago, I didn't have time to muck around when I started. I've been looking at software packages, it took me 12 months to come across this system and it's been phenomenal ever since.

The guys give me lots of support. I'm not the most tech savvy person. I run a successfull business and time is very important. In my business I had to come up with different ideas to get in peoples faces. With Eagle, in terms of how we do things, I can email, I can SMS, I can find what I need at a click of a button. These guys have been brilliant in the way they've designed the system. It's a very very simple system to use.

Customer support is very important because I don't have time to muck around. If I make a phone call I get it fixed there and then, I'm impatient. I'm good at listing, I'm good at selling, but at the end of the day, I'm not good with technical stuff, but this is easy to use, I don't have to be a brain surgeon.

From the word go Luke and Nathanael provided us with everything we needed to get our website up and going.

At every point all our requirements were met with no fuss. Our end prodeuct is modern and easy to use. The upload properties couldn't be easier.

The feed back from our clients we have received is positive. All in all I can recommend Eagle Software as a fantastic alternative and great customer service.

Since using Eagle Software our office systems have taken leaps and bounds! Our booklets, window cards, database, uploading and deleting listings all now a breeze.

Very easy to use and personalised service, we even have the head programmers direct number! Issues sorted out very quickly, usually within the hour.

“We would like to thank the Eagle Software Team especially Peter, Julian and Phil for all of their work on our website.

They are passionate and committed to providing a level of service that is beyond reproach. At all times the team were professional, prompt and courteous.

We would gladly recommend them to anyone looking to evolve their business. The technology that Eagle Software has to offer from portal pushing, CRM to responsive website design is efficient and easy to use. You will be amazed!”

We've only just started our website relationship with Eagle but we are extremely happy with the product and the support services. Everyone we deal with at Eagle is so very friendly and completely knowledgeable about their product. - and the support service is quick and accurate. Thank You!