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Why having social media presence is critical for your real estate business.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Not a day goes by without posting selfies, food porn or Facebook stories.

People are active on social media compared to any other websites. They check out news, sports updates, clothing reviews, games and search on social media. As Gary Vaynerchuck says “Social Media is the new Google.”

In Australia alone, 79% of the whole population use social media. That’s 19.5 million out of 24.7 million population in Australia.

What does this tell us? To put it simply, EVERYBODY is on social media.

Social media is actively used by most of the population. Statistics show that 59% of people check social media over 5 times a day.

If you think that only young people are into social media, think again! I’m sure you’ve noticed that even your grandparents are on Facebook with profile pictures like these:

That’s because social media now is across all age groups. There was once a time where the older generation was skeptical about it but that time is long GONE.

99% of people aged 18 – 29 are on social media while 47% of people aged 65+ are on social media. (Pretty high number for people who were once against it)

Now, you must be thinking “Social media is good and all, but what’s in it for my business?”

I will answer your question with statistics.

  • 24% of people who use social media follow brands or businesses, and its even higher among females (27%) and those aged 30 – 39 (41%)
  • Consumers are particularly keen on discounts, give-aways and special updates.
  • Consumers are increasingly accessing social media on their smartphone (72% – 81%)
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if it interacts positively on social media.


There are more consumers on social media than businesses. On average 47% of small businesses, 49% of medium businesses and 60% of large businesses are on social media.

This is because some people are still embracing the concept of social media and are skeptical to get into it while everything is happening around them, they lose a lot of opportunity.

How this can help real estate agents

  1. People trust reviews by peers more than ads


One of the largest personal purchase of a person is a house. Therefore, they really want to get the best house they can. They will take their time to search for the best houses and ask their peers for recommendations. People don’t trust ads as much they used to, they trust other people’s opinions and make decisions based on them. This is where social media comes in.

On social media, you can promote your page to a specific audience. By providing outstanding content and ideal information to your ideal audience, people will be more engaged with your brand and more likely to choose you over others. If they like the service, you provide they might give you a great review which their peers can see. When one of their peers see that they liked your service, if they decide to purchase a house they are more likely to choose your brand over others.

This also works for other people. People check out reviews and see what others say about your brand. If you have a good reputation on social media, it will show that you are a trustworthy company and they will immediately trust you as compared to other brands that has no social media presence.

Click here to learn how to create a Facebook page for Real Estate Agencies.


  1. People click Facebook Websites than external links

In general, people are lazy. They want everything to be spoon fed. The easier it is for them, the better. This is especially true in the digital age wherein people get anything they want in a snap.

The same is true with websites. Once people have done their research on your company, they will naturally want to check out your website. For them, it is easier to check your website on Facebook than go on an external link to check your website, especially when people are doing research on their mobile. It is more convenient for them to view your website on Facebook rather than being directed to an external link.


In conclusion, social media has become an integral part of our lives. People nowadays are always on social media. They spend all their time on consuming and sharing content. Being present in social media is an advantage for real estate agents because people nowadays search everything on social media, from food, drinks, places to go, cars and even houses! If you have a good social media presence people are more likely trust you and your company.


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