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Why Eagle Software is the Best Real Estate CRM For Agencies

Real Estate CRM for growing agencies

A growth-minded, future-oriented real estate agency is no stranger to the benefits of automation, and even CRM. But Customer Relationship Managements (CRM) platforms are not made equal. A real estate CRM made with agency challenges in mind is more effective than a general CRM, as it doesn’t need constant adaptation to suit real estate agency processes.

Looking for the best CRM for real estate? Here are 5 reasons why Eagle Software can help grow your business:

A real estate CRM that’s built to help you grow
EagleCRM wasn’t built to help any and all businesses grow; it was built to grow real estate agencies. 

The tool comes with a host of productivity-enhancing features to help your team cut down on repetitive tasks and focus on closing more sales or rentals. Features include: 

  • automated follow-up emails and SMS
  • portal pushing that links properties listed on external websites, back to the CRM
  • a mobile app that allows agents to work on-the-go
  • customisable permission settings that give different members of your team different levels of access. 

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Your team will love it
The best CRM for a real estate agency is one that’s easily adopted by the team. Thankfully, EagleCRM was built with teams in mind, and not just the tech-savvy. Intuitive controls make it easy for staff to collaborate and stay connected with clients and prospects with automated, simple communication — all from one platform.

EagleCRM gives sales agents easy-to-use tools on a platform that easily integrates with a wide range of software they may already use. With EagleCRM, you have fewer software subscriptions to worry about, and all the functionality you need. You also improve your team’s ability to perform, while simplifying their workload and automating manual processes.

Marketing made easy, tailor-made for the property sales cycle
Every real estate agency shares the following concerns: ensuring listings have maximum exposure, and staying top-of-mind with prospects and clients. It’s how you solve these challenges that sets you apart from the competition.  

The EagleCRM is packed with features to help you achieve these goals, efficiently. From easy-to-create newsletters, seller-targeted paid media, to email drip campaigns and detailed reporting, you can create, automate, deploy, evaluate and improve communications with your contacts. And with a centralised contact database that can be segmented, agents can deploy personalised content that resonates and engages with prospects and clients, no matter where they are in their buyers’ journey. 

Know what’s happening with insight-enriched reporting
Detailed reporting is key to the data-driven improvements that keep your agency at the leading edge. EagleCRM’s analytics tools help you get accurate high-level views of your agency processes. You can also get detailed business insights through comprehensive listings, commission reports, insights on staff activity and more.

With one platform at your agency’s technological core, you’ll have centralised access to every aspect of your business — from admin to sales.  

One platform for all teams
From sales listings to lease management and office administration — EagleCRM supports all of your agency functions from the convenience of one platform, with centralised data. While custom permissions settings ensure contact information is only available to those who need it, having everyone work on the same platform simplifies collaboration, transparency and saves everyone time.

Ready to remove repetitive tasks from your schedule and boost your agency efficiency?

Schedule a demo with one of our real estate automation specialists. It’s also a great place to get answers to your real estate CRM questions, and fine tune on the details of how EagleCRM can work in your unique context. 

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