Luke Paverd·CRM·19 February 2021

Selling Space On Mars: Why Real Estate CRM is Future-Proof

The COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call — businesses that have survived will need to find ways to maintain their advantage. And according to the World Economic Forum in their 2020 Global Risks Report, things are likely to become increasingly unstable on multiple fronts — environmentally, politically and digitally.
Whether or not you’ll be selling Elon Musk his first Martian plot once he lands, your success in business relies on working with tools that are future-proof. After all, if we do branch out, wouldn’t it be wonderful to head up interstellar real-estate? Wild metaphor aside, here are 3 ways real estate CRM can make your agency disruption-proof, help weather future challenges and set you up to take hold of future opportunities:

1) Real estate CRMs are built to support a growing business

Real estate CRMs are built with growth-minded agencies in mind. By turning time-consuming, repetitive tasks into automatic listing management and communications with clients, they give your team room to achieve their primary goals — closing deals.
And all your teams — from sales, to marketing and admin — work on one platform. So, there’s no need to keep adding new programs to your software ecosystem to accommodate a growing team, or increase your business offerings.
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2) You’ll always be using the industry’s cutting-edge solution

Real estate CRMs are managed by vendors, who focus on creating cutting-edge tools for the industry. If spreadsheets were the best available tools to help you grow sustainably, you can be sure your CRM software vendor will provide them. Incidentally, this blog post shares 5 reasons the real estate CRM has killed the Excel spreadsheet. Instead, real estate CRMs have all you’d need to optimise sales and rentals in a growth-driven business, and they innovate as things change.
Leaving the technology up to the experts leaves your team free to achieve their real estate goals. Instead of finding new ways to automate or improve efficiencies in the business by “Frankensteining” new finds together, your team can use their CRM to close deals, efficiently. A real estate CRM subscription means they’re automatically using a cutting-edge solution and will get product updates as they’re released, from a team of specialists dedicated to transforming, future-proofing and growing your business.

3) They help you put your customers first

It’s become a universal truth that businesses succeed by putting their customers first. This is as true today as it will be in the future. A real estate CRM is built to serve the needs of all your departments with this central business focus in mind, and makes it easy for teams to work together to delight prospects, leads and customers.
It may be some time before the Mars market opens up, but with a real estate CRM at the core of your agency processes you’ll be best placed to take up the opportunity when it arises. And each day between now and then will be efficiently run with it’s help.
Schedule a demo with the Eagle Software team for a firsthand view of how a real estate CRM can help your team. See how you could prospect for vendors, close deals, delight sellers and landlords and optimise your agency efficiency, no matter what the future holds.

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