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Save Time and Effort With Automated Real Estate Marketing

If only there were 36 hours in a day. You might accomplish all the goals you've established to grow your base of sellers and buyers. But here’s a solution: automated real estate marketing provides you many of those extra hours as you save time and effort on finding leads, nurturing leads and handling the mundane tasks that come with listing new homes.

Imagine how many more potential clients you can interact with and keep your name in front of by taking advantage of these automated tasks:

Manage a Robust Email Marketing System

Grabbing email addresses for prospective clients is the first step in the journey, so it's important to have a robust email marketing system in place to take advantage of.
Automating your email program not only takes the tedium out of the process but also ensures you're hitting the right targets with the right information.

You can welcome new prospects when they first register with preformatted emails, send out flash notices to sellers when a similar home sells and craft weekly or monthly newsletters about current market conditions. You simply place prospects in the proper categories and schedule emails for optimal times, and the system handles the rest.
Composing emails is also simple with drag-and-drop technology that lets you put a professional-looking email together in a few minutes.

You'll also have a constant analysis of your email marketing, which will help you determine the aspects that are working and those that may require a change.

Make Contact Immediately With SMS

Just as gaining email addresses is important, getting mobile numbers could be even more valuable. An automated SMS campaign engages potential customers without tethering you to a constantly buzzing mobile phone.

SMS sends short text messages to prospects and clients with welcome notes, appointment reminders, inspection schedules and more. Sellers can be notified immediately when you schedule a showing.

Star at Lead Nurturing

It's nice to sit down and visit with clients to get to know them and their desires. But our fast-paced digital world doesn't always give you that time. Automated lead nurturing allows you to get ahead with clients even before you have an opportunity for a sit-down meeting.

When a new prospect goes into the Eagle Software CRM, the system automatically scours social media and the Internet for information about your prospective client. Then it places the information in their contact file.

The system automatically nurtures the relationship with leads through emails and SMS that you develop based upon our templates and each lead's spot in their buying or selling journey. The system also provides reminders when it's time for you to jump into the flow and use the knowledge you have gained about the potential client and your interpersonal skills to grow the relationship.

Take Advantage of Platform Integration

As much as you'll love saving time on marketing and lead nurturing, platform integration is the game-changer. Below are some platforms Eagle Software integrates with:

Listing Sites

Eagle Software integrates with numerous listing platforms such as and You simply push your listings through to those platforms and receive enquiries straight back into Eagle's software.


Eagle Software integrates with Facebook to automatically post new listings and recently sold homes to your Facebook timeline. The software also can convert your Facebook page into a fully-featured real estate website where customers can interact with you.


You also can synchronise your Google or Office 360 calendar with Eagle. This ensures all of your appointments are accessible on any computer or mobile device and shared with your office staff.

Email Sync

All email exchanges you have with potential clients are synced as a note in the platform so you can easily recall the details.

If you're ready to begin automating tasks that take you away from the aspects of real estate that you love, why not Try Eagle Software today. You also can contact our friendly team to get started right away.

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