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A Real Estate CRM: What Every Successful Real Estate Agency Needs

Establishing a strong connection with prospective customers is key for a successful real estate agency. To achieve this, real estate agents and agencies need the right tool behind their business. Specifically, a real estate CRM, or customer relationship management, platform can help nurture relationships with prospects and leads, ultimately helping to increase sales.

If you're wondering why it's worth implementing a real estate CRM as an individual or agency, here we'll review what CRMs are and their many benefits in the real estate industry.

What Is a Real Estate CRM?

CRMs enable real estate agents to manage and build customer relationships, which could include future, current, or past customers. CRMs include a variety of features to help manage every aspect of the customer relationship, from the time they become prospects to the moment the agent closes a deal. 

Reliable real estate software will help streamline customer management and make it easy for real estate agents to keep track of clients throughout the customer journey. Additionally, agents benefit from increased automation that makes them more productive.

How Agencies Can Benefit From Real Estate CRM Software

The right real estate CRM will come with numerous benefits for agents and agencies alike. Some of these advantages include:

Automated Lead Imports

Do you want to avoid manually entering enquiries (and the potential errors that can come with it)? A CRM will be able to automatically import all your leads into your real estate database. CRMs may even go beyond this by also responding to enquiries, attaching them to listings, labelling them as prospective tenants or buyers, and more. This automation gives real estate agents the chance to spend more time and energy on closing.

In-Depth Social Media Lookups

When adding contacts into a real estate CRM, it's important to conduct a thorough social media lookup to learn more about them. A reliable CRM will be able to look at profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms to paint a fuller picture of the contact. The tool will then be able to automatically add that pulled data to your real estate database.

Streamlined Work Processes

In real estate, agents need to be able to work in volume to see the kind of results they want. Powerful real estate software will also facilitate this, automating a variety of processes to maintain communications with leads. As a result, you'll be able to maximise productivity as you communicate with large volumes of contacts with consistent efficiency.

Actionable Data in Detailed Reports

A real estate CRM can generate in-depth reports with deep insights into your performance. These reports can cover aspects such as staff activity, listings, and commissions. Based on the information collected via these reports, individuals and agencies can take steps to improve performance as they learn what's working and what requires improvement. 

Manage Customer Relationships Remotely

Another key advantage of a real estate CRM is the ability to work from anywhere and at any time. Through the implementation of a native mobile app for your CRM, you can instantly:

  • Send documents
  • Log inspection attendees on the spot
  • Record notes and attendee feedback
  • And more

You'll no longer need to be at your desk to manage relationships with prospects and customers.

A Dependable Real Estate CRM From Eagle Software

With the right CRM, you'll have the chance to thrive with your real estate business. Increased automation will help optimise customer relationship management, allowing you to focus more on selling. If you're in the market for the best solution available, then consider turning to Eagle Software for a reliable CRM and more. 

To get started with Eagle Software today, simply book a demo at any time. You can also contact us for more details about any of our solutions.

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