Peter van de Paverd·CRM·02 July 2021

Provide VPA and commission finance with new CampaignAgent integration

With this release we introduce the ability to integrate your Eagle account with your CampaignAgent account to make VPA and commission finance easier than ever before.

What is CampaignAgent?

CampaignAgent provides financial solutions to 4,000+ agents in the real estate industry. They have two main products:

  • VPAPay which gives vendors choice and flexibility when paying for Real Estate Advertising
  • Smart Commission which provides agents with smart, simple and cost effective commission funding

How does the integration work?

The integration allows CampaignAgent to load listing and contract data from your Eagle account into your CampaignAgent account so you don’t have to enter data in twice.

How to set up the integration

  1. Signup and create a CampaignAgent account
  2. Notify CampaignAgent that you'd like to integrate with Eagle and they will complete the setup

Using the integration

Once set up, listing and contract information will automatically flow from Eagle to CampaignAgent. Simply login to your CampaignAgent account and your data will be there.

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