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November 2020 Product Release

Summer is almost here and with COVID-19 under control in Australia and New Zealand it looks like we're going to be able to enjoy an almost normal Christmas and summer! With restrictions easing in Melbourne, Eagle HQ has come back to life with some of the team allowed back into the office for the first time in many months.

While we've all been working remotely, we have been full steam ahead on building out new features and bringing improvements to both the web app and mobile app - a credit to our amazing team! Watch the video below for a dive into the latest feature releases for the quarter as well as a sneak peek of what's coming up.

QR code inspection check-ins

COVID safe, self check-in inspections

With this release we introduce QR code inspection check-in functionality which allows inspection attendees to scan a QR code and check themselves in to an inspection on their own device. All data entered during the check-in process goes into your database. This is particularly useful for:

  • Maintaining COVID-19 social distancing rules
  • Managing check-ins for large numbers of inspection attendees
  • Freeing up time to speak with potential buyers

Using the QR code inspection check-in is easy

  1. Go to the CRM > Inspections page, or, go to the Inspections tab within a listing
  2. Click the 'Print QR Code' button next to the inspection you are running to generate a printable PDF (each inspection has it's own unique QR code)
  3. Print the QR code check in page and display at the entrance of the property

We have received fantastic feedback on this feature and we've seen upwards of 25% of inspection attendances checked-in using the QR code feature.

New buyer management screen

Manage all buyers for a listing in one place

With this release we introduce a new buyer screen to help with managing potential buyers of a listing. Watch the video below for a quick walk through of the new buyer tab.

On the buyer tab you can now:

  • View a list of all contacts who have either enquired or inspected on the listing
  • View and manage their interest level in the listing
  • See how many inspections they have attended at the property
  • View and manage if a contract has been requested or not and whether you have sent them a copy of the contract
  • Add a note, send an email, send an SMS or add a task about the potential buyer which all use the new global component popups
  • Hover over the contacts photo to see the tool tip with extra information like email address, phone number and contact groups they belong to

We have been actively collecting feedback on this new screen and have further improvements coming in the future so stay tuned!

New contact activity feed

More information, more clearly

We've put a lot of work into building a new contact activity feed which makes it much easier to view and manage a contacts history.

A lot of client feedback, research and careful consideration has gone into the new activity feed to provide the maximum amount of information and functionality while keeping it easy to read and simple to use.

Here is an outline of the changes we've made:

  • Design improvements to make it easier to scan for information and dive into details once you've found what you're looking for
  • More relevant information up front, easily view and click through to any associations and launch popup components with association tooltips
  • Pin notes to keep important information at the top of the activity feed
  • Scrolling is now independent from the main navigation bar and right sidebar
  • New category tabs to organise and quickly access different types of notes
  • New filter to only show specific categories or specific note types
  • Notes now have text formatting
  • Manage permissions for individual notes
  • Add, download and remove attachments
  • Manage interest level on enquiry and inspection notes
  • Manage offer amount on offer notes
  • Activity feed items are now grouped by month, upcoming or pinned
  • Added tasks and events to show in the activity feed timeline

We've also added new buttons at the top of the activity feed to add a note, send an email, send an SMS and send a letter. When clicked these buttons will launch the global popups with contact associations prefilled.

Stay tuned as we'll be rolling out further updates to the contact activity feed, as well as rolling out the new activity feed to other parts of the software.

Send bulk email/SMS through popup

Super targeted marketing emails sent in seconds

With this release we introduce the ability to send bulk communications through the send email and send SMS popups to both contacts and ownerships. The easiest way to think of this feature is the ability to send many individual emails or SMSs at once (it will even send through your connected email account if you are using email sync).

This new functionality is ideal for sending targeted communications to small lists of contacts. For example, sending a 'just listed' or 'just sold' communication to owners in the street of a property you just listed or sold. Here are a few key features when using the popup to email or SMS:

  • Load email and SMS templates
  • Select specific properties to display in the email
  • Add additional associations
  • Use merge field tags from the contact and selected associations, as well as address merge field tags when sending to ownerships
  • Create a follow up task in the same action
  • Send to up to 100 recipients
  • Can be sent through your connected email account
  • Subject to subscriber settings

Mobile app updates

Our most streamlined inspection flow yet

This quarter we released a new version of the Eagle CRM mobile app which adds significant improvements to the inspection flow as well as other parts of the mobile app.

Inspection flow - Checking in inspection attendees is faster and more streamlined.

Here is a quick overview of some of the improvements made to the inspection flow:

  • For sales listings we've added price feedback and contract status fields which flow through to the Buyer section and vendor report
  • For rental listings we've added a tenant rating which flows through to the potential tenancy in the leasing module
  • When searching for contacts to check them in, results now show instantly as you type
  • Before checking someone in, you can now view the contact or edit the contact to add more information such as a mobile or address
  • After you tap 'Check In', a confirmation shows and allows you to edit the attendee information
  • If the contact does not exist in your database after searching, a new 'add contact button' allows you to create the contact and check them in simultaneously

Improved search - When searching records such as contacts, appraisals, listings etc. the app will now instantaneously search and return results as you type.

Landscape view - The entire app is now viewable in landscape mode. This is especially useful at inspections when using an iPad or tablet.

More updatable fields - Based on your feedback we've added more fields to be viewable and updatable within the mobile app, particularly around listings.

Private inspections - We released the private inspections feature as well as being able to check in contacts to private inspections back in August. With this release you can now create private inspections and register contacts for private inspections within the app.

Design and user experience improvements - We have made a number of subtle updates to the look and feel of the app, as well as design improvements to some areas such as the Listing > Activity screen to bring it inline with the web app. We will be continuing to make design and user experience improvements overtime

New filters and merge tags

Find exactly who you're looking for and communicate with them more quickly

We've added a bunch of new filters to contacts and addresses, as well as extra merge fields to help streamline loading data into templates.

New filters

  • Last contacted (find contacts based on when you last contacted them)
  • Enquired on a rental property
  • Enquired on a sale property
  • Inspected a rental property
  • Inspected a sale property
  • Near listing - added to contacts and addresses (find contacts/addresses who own a property near a specified listing, either by km or same street)

New filter strategies on existing filters

  • Contact > Enquired/inspected/offered/call/email/SMS/application/manually added note
    • Last occurred in the last X days
    • Last occurred more than X days ago
  • Contact > User
    • Is the logged in user
    • Is not the logged in user
  • Contact > Vendor / Landlord
    • Listing status

New merge fields

These new merge fields simplify the creation of emails and letters and provide more flexibility with the kind of information you'd like to merge in to them. The new contact merge fields in particular are extremely handy for sending communications to multiple contacts.

  • Property
    • {{property.two_weeks_rent}}
    • {{property.rental_security_bond}}
    • {{property.bond_and_one_months_rent}}
    • {{property.bond_and_two_weeks_rent}}
  • Contract
    • {{contract.deposit_remaining}}
    • {{contract.commission_inc_gst}}
    • {{contract.commission_and_advertising_budgeted_inc_gst}}
    • {{contract.commission_and_advertising_payable_inc_gst}}
  • Contact
    • {{appraisal.contacts_first_names}} (eg. ‘John’ or ‘John and Mary’ or ‘John, Mary and James’)
    • {{appraisal.contacts_full_names}} (eg. ‘John Smith’ or ‘John Smith and Mary Jones’ or ‘John Smith, Mary Jones and James Johnson’)
    • {{address.owners_first_names}}
    • {{address.owners_full_names}}
    • {{contact_and_spouse_first_names}}
    • {{contact_and_spouse_full_names}}
    • {{contact.user.first_name}}
    • {{contact.user.last_name}}
    • {{}}
    • {{}}

New integrations

Connect your apps and eliminate double data entry

This quarter we released 3 new integrations with other platforms.


Homepass is an inspection app. This new integration allows you to:

  • Push listings from Eagle to Homepass
  • Feed inspection data from Homepass into Eagle

Forms Live

Forms Live is a contracts and forms platform for Victorian agencies. This new integration allows you to load forms into Eagle and merge data.


Vxt is a voicemail forwarding and smart voicemail greetings platform. With this new integration Eagle will import the text version of voicemails to the contact's activity feed in Eagle.

Are you are looking to integrate with Eagle? Please contact our support team ([email protected]) to get access to our API.

Other updates

Small updates with big benefits


If you have an Eagle website, you can now rewrite your URLs on pages that already exist for SEO purposes. This allows you to target specific keywords for specific pages by including them in your URLs for existing pages. If you have a marketing agency managing your SEO this feature will assist them in updating your website to align with your SEO goals.

New user permission ‘Trigger automations’

Last quarter we released the ability to trigger automations manually from anywhere in the software with the new automation popup. This permission allows you to set whether a user can trigger an automation manually or not.

New custom field type 'long text'

This new custom field type is useful for logging larger amounts of text compared to the 'text' custom field. We've already seen this being used on custom vendor/landlord reports, custom brochures and for easier record keeping where more text is required.

More API endpoints (contracts, enquiries, tasks etc.)

We continue to develop our API to allow clients or other software platforms to integrate with Eagle and get access to the endpoints they need to develop their custom integration needs.

New tooltips with buttons to launch popups

Wherever possible we are making it easier to streamline processes. Tooltips allow you to preview more information without clicking through to another screen. The addition of launch popup buttons to the tooltips means you can launch email/sms/tasks/events etc. popups with associations prefilled based on where the popup was launched from, making it even faster to complete these actions.

What’s coming up?

Take a sneak peek at new features coming soon

Now that the contact activity feed has been released we'll be rolling the new activity feed out to all other screens. We've also begun a staged rollout of the new contact sidebar so you'll see some new (and very useful) widgets being added to the contact sidebar soon, along with a fresh design. Teams functionality is also being worked on this quarter with the first stage already live. With all the new contact filters we've added we're now beginning to work on contact segments, which will allow you to save your favourite filters. Since custom vendor/landlord reports were released last quarter we're now in the process of redesigning a new owner report design for both the online and PDF versions. We're continuing to roll out upgrades to the mobile app with some exciting new features to come. Stay tuned!

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