Trevor Bragg·CRM·30 July 2020

Moving towards Online Owner Reports

Everyone has different needs and wants.

Some vendors and landlords demand instant updates on the marketing, enquiries and inspections on their property. Some are happy to wait for a weekly catch up.

Some agents like to include a whole lot of feedback and visuals into their Owner Reports. Some keep it brief and to the point with a summary and some important numbers.

So for us as CRM software developers and you as agents, the question is - how can we move to a more flexible and informative Owner reporting solution?

Enter the Online Vendor / Landlord Report

What is an online owner report?

An online owner report is similar to what agents know as a printed Vendor or Landlord report. Unlike printed or pdf reports, the online report is accessible via a unique URL and is available on the internet.

The Case for Moving your Owner Report Online

Following are 4 reasons why agents should consider incorporating an online Owner Report into their service.

1. Instant / Live Feedback

With Open for Inspections being more commonplace, Vendors and Landlords have high expectations of agents to deliver a qualified stream of interested people into their properties.

Your CRM’s mobile app should be able to immediately capture attendees and record their feedback. By using this type of technology it would be quite reasonable to expect that Owners can receive feedback within a few hours after the inspections.

Say 10 people inspect the property - 6 won’t be interested, 2 somewhat interested and 2 interested. Skilled agents have a keen sense of who is a qualified buyer and can record this feedback quite quickly and easily into their inspection app.

The app in conjunction with your CRM can then send that feedback to the Vendor automatically within the hour. Instant phone feedback is probably ideal, but with back to back inspections, this is not always possible. So using the available online reporting technology will ensure the feedback is delivered promptly.

2. Transparency

Online Owner Reporting like its printable counterpart is all about being transparent. The only difference here is that with the online version, we are providing absolute transparency ie; the whole duration of the campaign.

An online Owner report allows the Vendor or Landlord to access their report at a time that is convenient for them. Similar to what is available with Property Management portal access to Landlord and Tenants, the online Owner report gives real-time feedback of new enquiries, follow up calls, private inspections and offers.  

The online Owner report is not meant to stop Agents from holding weekly one on one meetings with their Vendors. It’s there to support the agent and can make these weekly meetings more productive and initiate different conversations. This level of transparency could also remove the surprise element that could arise from just relying on irregular Owner meetings.

3. Provides More Flexibility

Online Owner reports don’t need to be constrained to pre-determined page size. For agents who want to create a custom report, this has always been a big issue with trying to make the information fit nicely on the printed page. The move to an online presentation removes the constraints.

For software developers, having the freedom to work without fixed page sizes allows more creativity and options for displaying information. Also, having clickable links to refer the Owners to third-party websites from within the report helps substantiate the information being presented.

An example of how an online report is more flexible is with Appraisal and Listing Presentations. These have progressed from the printed page to now being created and delivered online. Using these online reports also disclose whether or not these presentations are being viewed.

This proves that moving reports online gives CRM developers and agents more flexibility in providing real-time information. So it begs the question - why couldn’t the Owner Report be the same?

4. Hi-Tech & Consumer Focussed

In real estate, we are always evolving to create services and solutions that are more aligned to servicing the needs of the customer. What we think the client wants, and what they want, can be two entirely different things. Just because we have always done things a certain way doesn’t guarantee that it will work in the present day or the future.

And, just because some software hasn’t evolved in the past decade doesn’t mean that you should continue to be hamstrung to using the same Owner reports that were once the norm.

The reality is, the world is online and has been for quite a while. Banking, retail, and now our meetings (due to COVID-19 lockdowns) are moving online. Doesn’t it make sense that our Owner reporting too should be available online?

As the next generation moves into selling, buying and renting, they will expect most of the services of a real estate agent to be primarily online. It’s not their fault, it is just that this generation has grown up in the online world.

How we can help?

Eagle Software has just released a fully customisable Online Owner reporting service. We can work with you to create and deliver a Vendor and Landlord report that is informative, professionally branded, includes feedback from enquiries and inspection and other vital statistics.

Another area we can help with is - deliverability. Using EagleCRM, you can set pre-determined times for the reports to be automatically emailed to the owners and with their unique URL, they can access their report at any time.

Working online allows Eagle Software to deliver a report you can be proud of and one that will help you achieve positive results in your communications with Vendors and Landlords.

To find out more, visit us at or call our office on +61 3 9016 0444.

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