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May 2021 Product Release

The May product quarter has been an exciting one with many anticipated features being released and many more just around the corner in the development pipeline. I am very grateful for all the contributions over the last few months from our clients who are always happy to share their thoughts and ideas. This goes a long way with helping us innovate and allows us to deliver industry leading solutions for our clients to benefit from. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and listen in on the May Product Release Webinar below!

Buyer Table Improvements

Turbocharge your buyer management

With this release we introduce more features to the buyer table to streamline your buyer management process as well as extra tools for reporting to your vendor.

Advanced filters allow you to drill down into curated lists so you can focus your time on your most qualified buyers. More columns with insightful data deliver more relevant information to help gauge interest and prioritise who you should be speaking with next.

The new expandable notes section gives you context and insight into the activity between the buyer and the property so that you have the full story when speaking with buyers.

Eagle Caller ID for Android

Answer callers by their name

Create a friendly and professional experience by answering callers by name with Eagle Caller ID. When a contact calls, a pop up notification shows with the contacts details, properties they own and properties they are interested in, giving you important insights as to the nature of the call. After a call has ended, the automatic call log prompt makes it quick and easy to log phone calls back in your CRM database. Stay tuned for the release of Eagle Caller ID on iOS.

Contact Segments

Create dynamic prospecting and marketing contact lists

We are excited to launch Contact Segments into Eagle, a new feature that will help you to identify contacts in your database for many purposes such as prospecting, marketing and data integrity.

Segments are a dynamic list of contacts that meet a specified filter criteria that you have set (eg. 'hot appraisals that haven't been called in the last 3 days'). This powerful feature can give you a constantly updating list of opportunities for you to call.

Advanced Filters on Applications

Curate and shortlist your applications

The advanced filters have been instrumental in allowing users to drill down and visualise the data they want to see. Bringing the advanced filters to the applications screen means property managers can more quickly and easily find and access the applications they want to work on, helping to streamline their processes.

Ownership Dates and Types

Build your own internal prospecting database

With this release we introduce start and end dates to ownerships and tenancies. This allows you to build your own prospecting database and keep track of historical data. In addition to this we have also introduced ownership types which gives the ability to set if an owner is an 'owner occupier' or 'absentee owner'. This is especially useful for tailoring different marketing messaging for home owners and investors.

New Contact Sidebar 'Automation' Widget

More information at a glance

We are happy to announce we have completed the roll out of new contact sidebar widgets. The latest new widget to go live is the Automation widget. This new version introduces added functionality including seeing both the previous and next automation steps, a new % based progress bar and an expandable section to view past automations that have been completed.

New Activity Feed on Listings

All listing activity, all in one place

Earlier this year we released our new and improved activity feed to the contact screen which has received fantastic feedback. With this release you can now access and view more related data than ever before on Listings. The new 'filter by' menu makes is super simple to view or find activity feed items. The new note and log buttons allow you to utilise the full functinality of the popup components to record notes, enquiries, inspections or offers on the listing.

Eagle CRM Mobile App Updates

More powerful tools for agents on the go

We have made a strong commitment to delivering an industry leading mobile app and continue to innovate to make working out of the office as smooth and flexible as possible. Here are the big ticket items to be released to the mobile app over the last quarter:

Buyer management
Managing and communicating with buyers just got easier with our new Buyers tab. View all potential buyers for a listing in one screen, shortlist with filters, then select to send a bulk email or SMS all with just a few taps.

Send SMS from Eagle or phone plan
When sending individual or bulk SMS you can now choose to send through your own phone plan or through Eagle, giving you extra flexibility to choose if replies should come back to your mobile or back into Eagle.

Streamlined private inspection workflow
If you've ever arranged a private inspection at short notice then you'll have been in a situation where you need to check an inspection attendee in but an inspection time does not exist in the CRM yet. We have created a new streamlined workflow that allows you to both schedule an inspection and check in an attendee all in one action so you can take care of this task quickly while speaking with your potential buyer or tenant.

Capture property preferences
Finally, we have introduced the ability to record property preferences on a contact record within the app. While this information is captured automatically from enquiries and inspections, this gives you extra capability to record more detailed or specific property preferences when speaking to people at inspections.


With the Eagle API any software can plug into Eagle to share data between systems and minimise double entry of data. This quarter we introduce two new integrations:

  • VideoPunch is an automatic video platform for creating and adding videos to your property listings. VideoPunch will automatically create the property video, add a professionally recorded voiceover and add it back to your listing in Eagle, updating your website and portals all automatically.
  • is a software suite which automatically creates and distributes content to your social media pages. Automatically create: Property videos, Sold / Leased graphics and Property websites, all without lifting a finger.

What's coming up?

We are working on some very exciting features over the coming months including a new advanced report/business intelligence tool, a new and improved commission worksheet, agent ledgers, integrating segments with our automation engine (huge possibilities!!), continuing to build out the buyers table as well as further mobile app improvements such as bulk email/SMS, Eagle Caller ID on iOS and adding Addresses and Contracts to the app. Stay tuned!


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