Bethany Lewty·Marketing·25 October 2021

Webinar – How to Save Time and Maximise Lead Generation Using Marketing Automation

Join us for this on-demand webinar, as we discuss the ideas and strategies you can use to streamline and maximise the efficiency of your lead generation and communication through powerful marketing automation tools.

The webinar is suitable for both existing Eagle Clients looking for tips on how to optimise their existing workflows and/or create new ones to maximise lead generation or nurturing, or anyone interested in learning more about Eagle Software and how we can help improve the way your agency does business.

Our presenters Trevor Bragg, Head of Sales at Eagle Software, and Taryn Quinn, Head of Administration & Digital at Sash & Gable Property, will take a deep dive into:

  • Eagle’s built-in website and website automation functionality
  • Lead generation, capture, and nurturing through automation
  • Buyer management and enquiry capture and automated responses
  • Using automation to optimise your processes and frameworks
  • Taking advantage of the flexibility of Eagle in creating custom communications to clients and leads.
  • How Eagle has smoothed the process of communicating with clients and prospects through customised automated responses to set triggers.
  • How you can implement three workflows immediately to start generating and nurturing new leads
  • And much more!

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