James Ramsay·CRM·19 August 2021

How to get the most out of your buyers

As we explained in a previous blog post How to nurture your database and generate more leads, your database is only as powerful as the way it can be utilised. Some agencies see buyers as the lifeblood of their business, others see buyers as someone who will get in touch with us if they see something they like. Regardless of how you prioritise buyer leads, getting them setup in your CRM correctly will help you sell listings quicker and be known as an agent who not only listens to a client's requirements but regularly keeps in contact with them. Something that will become your point of difference, when these buyers one day become potential vendors.

Automate your enquiry and inspection process

Save time and money with automations.

In some areas, people are fielding upwards of 250 enquiries for each new listing. So, you have a saved email template ready to reply. Opening each enquiry email to copy and paste and send the reply, at just 2 minutes each, would take you or your PA over 8 hours just to respond to enquiries. Time that no busy agent or property manager has in their schedule.

With Eagles automation system, you can automate an immediate response to those clients, whether it's when they enquire on your website, REA, Domain, TradeMe OR if they come through a public or private inspection. Along with this, you can allocate tasks, follow up emails or sms’ and even trigger off some creative workflows.

Not only will you ensure everyone who contacts your agency will get a prompt response, but you can structure your communications to suit your brand's tone.

Some agencies have taken this to the next level, where they have setup automation processes for different types of buyers. For example, first home buyers often require more advice and hand holding than someone who is buying their third investment property. Get ahead of this and become the source of information in your marketplace, by setting up an automation for each buyer type. In this example, I would setup an automation, that sends out an email each week for 6 weeks to anyone categorised as a First Home Buyer, which sends out a different piece of advice each week such as:

  1. First Home Buyer Grants & Subsidies
  2. Building Reports, Inspection Reports - What should I consider?
  3. How to buy at Auction?
  4. Choosing a solicitor
  5. How to save for your deposit
  6. What to look for when considering a DIY investment project

Do you know what your buyer wants?

When you call back a potential buyer, this chance we have on the phone with them is where you can get the gold for your database. 

  • Listing & Property Types
  • Price Range
  • Bedrooms & Bathrooms
  • Land & Floor Size
  • Car Spaces
  • Suburbs

Once setup, on new appraisals & listings we can see how many people in the database suit the listing AND those contacts can be automatically notified when the new listings are published to the websites via our automated Property Alerts system.

Automate your processes and easily keep your buyers in the loop of new listings with Eagle Softwares CRM intelligence. Contact our team to find out how you can better manage your buyers and keep them up to date.


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