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How our Clients are Adding to their Brand and Revenue with Property Booklets-For FREE

Shhh…  some of our clients want us to keep this a secret but chances are, you’re not getting the most out of your property booklets.

We all know that property booklets are great handouts to prospects to showcase your best properties.  But did you know you can use them for so much more?

  • Promoting your own products
  • Generating revenue by advertising local business
  • Make your booklet into something more- a map, a guide etc to add value to your customers

Keep reading to learn more about how Eagle’s customers have successfully used these strategies to make their booklets into a mega marketing tool.

Download Your Free Property Booklet Template

Don’t spend hours working on your property booklet.  Download this word template now and have it ready to print in minutes.

Get Your Free Property Booklet Template Here

Boost your Brand by Making your Booklet into Something More

If you’re spending so much time designing a booklet, you want your prospects to be carrying it around with them and showing off your brand.  The question is: how do you do that?

One clever way our client Robertson Port Fairy has done that is by turning their booklet into a map.

They used our booklet builder to put together the contents and then enlisted our help to print a special glossy cover.  On the inside, a handy map of their area, Port Fairy, and on the outside, their full page logo and contact information.

You can do the same with your booklet.  As your prospects explore your area they’ll be referring to their map, and thanking you, all whilst giving you free brand awareness.

Another way to add value to your booklet is by providing a list of local attractions.  Visiting prospects might be interested in:

  • Grabbing a bite
  • Looking for somewhere to entertain the kids
  • Finding utilities like a toilet or fuel station

This is also your chance to impress prospects with your local knowledge- if you know the best pie and chips shop in town then surely, you’ll know the best properties too?

That said, why not look to generate revenue as well?  That leads us onto our second item on the list…

Generate Revenue by Advertising Local Businesses

Property booklets are great advertising tools because they’re directed at a specific and targeted audience- property buyers, who often have a set of similar needs.

One of these needs is applying for a loan, which our clients Glen and Andrea of GLA Real Estate have recognized.  They have collaborated with their local mortgage agency to run advertising in their property booklet.  As seen in the image above, interested buyers flipping through the booklet come across a full page ad that leads them to the company.

Selling advertising space in your property booklet can easily cover the prohibitive cost of printing in colour and generate another easy revenue stream for your company.

Other possible local businesses that prospects are often interested in include:

  • Movers
  • Decorators/interior designers
  • Building inspectors

Promote Your Own Products

Since you’ve got the space, why not use your own booklet to make this physical lead a digital one?

Our client GLA Real Estate uses their booklet to advertise their email newsletter and free E-book, with buyer tips and property alerts, providing prospects with a strong incentive to stay in touch with them.

I’ve written before about how to nurture and funnel website leads, so check out this article here if you’re ready to take this step.

Prospects may not be ready to buy from you right away, but a well crafted ad can keep them in your funnel and at the top of their mind when they are prepared.

Our Advice

In conclusion, your booklet can be so much more than just a list of your properties.

However, to fully take advantage of these possibilities, you need to regularly update your booklets- which can be a stressful and time consuming process if you’re spending the entire day formatting on Microsoft Publisher.

Fortunately, Eagle Software’s CRM allows you to easily build booklets from your property database, in a highly automated yet customizable process.  That booklet above was built in minutes. We believe in never having to entering things twice, so once your listing is loaded in your database, it’s ready to be instantly added and formatted to the booklet.

To book a demonstration of our software’s features, talk to us at 03 9016 0444 or email at [email protected].

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