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How Agents Can Benefit From Real Estate CRM Automation

We’ve well-and-truly entered the age of digital transformation and automation. No matter the industry, organisations can no longer rely on legacy processes to do the job.
It’s no different in the real estate industry. Agencies cannot afford to have go-getting agents bogged down by pointless manual tasks when there are faster, simpler ways of moving property and getting ahead of competitors — such as bespoke CRMs designed specifically for real estate.
Here are a few hard-to-ignore benefits that real estate CRM software offers both agents and agencies:

Operational efficiency

One of the major perks of investing in a real estate CRM is that it ‘trims the operational fat’ by automating time-consuming, manual tasks. Back in the day, agents had to manually register and update listings one-by-one on property portals. Now — thanks to automated portal pushing — all it takes is the tap of a button to push properties onto your portals of choice.
A good real estate CRM will have a suite of leasing tools and application management features to streamline your inspections, make process applications faster and automate communications. All housed within an intelligent database that segments leads into buyer, sellers, owners and landlords automatically.
Real estate CRM software can also automate pre- and post-sale activities with ease. This includes storing and correctly segmenting lead information in databases, adding appointments to agents’ calendars and alerting them to certain actions taken (based on predefined triggers).
Related: Setting triggers for on-page actions is just one of the effective strategies agents can use to generate more leads. For additional tips and tactics, read our comprehensive deep-dive into Real Estate CRM Automation Strategies for Growth-Driven Businesses.

Bespoke real estate CRM software trumps standard alternatives

All CRM platforms are not made equal. A real estate CRM — developed to alleviate the specific challenges agencies face — is more effective than a standard one. This is because a standard variant will need to be consistently updated and reconfigured to keep up with the ‘tech-and-process’ shifts in the property market.
Moreover, a real estate CRM will come with out-of-the-box features designed to streamline processes and automate tasks from day one. Such as:
  • Portal pushing: A bespoke real estate CRM allows you to enter your listings once and synchronise them across all of your property websites automatically.
  • Property management: A real estate CRM allows you to keep track of your properties across the full lifecycle — from prospecting, appraised, listed, under contract, sold and let. In the property sector, a CRM needs to work differently. Contact data has to have a relation to the respective property and area. Most non-real estate CRMs can’t create that association out-of-the-box, or need to have custom development done to do it effectively. A bespoke real estate CRM does this from day one.

Lead generation and business resilience


It goes without saying that lead generation is an agent’s bread and butter. What should be emphasised, however, is the difficulty they face with retaining clients and generating a healthy amount of sales.
This is completely understandable — the real estate industry is highly competitive, with tons of agents and agencies trying to claim their lucrative piece of the market.
For business resilience, lead generation is critical. This is why a real estate CRM is an invaluable tool that takes much of the pressure from agents’ shoulders, using insights, automation and accurate segmentation for improved lead generation.
  • Real-time property notifications: If a property of interest in a similar price bracket or location becomes available, real-time alerts can be deployed automatically using real estate CRM data and a lead’s search history on property portals.
  • Progressive profiling: This feature can analyse browsing history and property interests to create forms that are relevant and helpful, which makes it more likely that a lead will stay on a website page, browse and supply their valuable information.
(If you’re up for a quick yet relevant detour, check out our article Four Ways Real Estate CRM Software Optimises Lead Generation.)

EagleCRM — out-of-the-box CRM software for real estate agents

Standard CRMs are not developed with the real estate industry’s nuances, processes and professionals in mind. EagleCRM is an intuitive real estate listing and contact management suite designed by people with a passion for the property market.
If you’d like to discuss what automation can do for your agency, get in touch with an Eagle Software consultant here.

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