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Four Ways Real Estate CRM Software Optimises Lead Generation

2020 will go down as the year that digital transformation went from being a choice to a business necessity — and we’re lucky the tools were in place to accommodate this rapid shift.
Thanks to real estate CRM technology, mobile apps and automation, agents now carry their offices in the palms of their hands. With these tools, they’re able to chase, nurture and close leads from anywhere, without being constrained by manual tasks and outdated, desk-bound devices.
But to make the most of this cutting-edge software, real estate agents need to know how to harness CRM capabilities for lead generation. Here are four ways that real estate CRM technology can be used to optimise lead generation:

1. Lead optimisation post-capture

Once a lead has supplied their details, a real estate CRM segments them into a dynamic list using information such as age, location and property intent. This allows agents to deploy relevant content — via channels such as social media and email — that talks to where the lead is in the property cycle.
For example, a first-time buyer may be looking for tips on how to spot a cost-efficient initial investment. By using segmented lists and automated communication, agents can deploy content that resonates and engages with a lead’s need state, making it more likely that the agent who delivered valuable advice will be the one they go with.
This means no more Excel sheets to sort buyers, renters, and sellers and owners from one another. Also, you’ll know if the same contact is applying for two different places managed by two different agents.

2. Lead importing and social media enrichment

When a contact is added into a real estate CRM, it can search the internet to find as much information about the lead as possible. It does this by looking up a multitude of sources (such as social media), and then adding the results to your contact file.
Manual enquiry is a thing of the past! A good real estate CRM will:
Automatically load in your enquiries, respond to them and attach it to your listing.
It will also analyse social media and label the contact as a buyer or prospective tenant.
With so much done for you automatically, agents are able to spend time doing what they do best — building relationships and selling property.
If you’re up for a quick detour, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of growth-driven real estate CRM automation strategies here.

3. Seller-targeted paid media

Sellers are in a highly receptive mindset in comparison to leads in other stages of the property lifecycle. For this reason, it's a good use of your budget to invest in CRM-backed seller-targeted paid media.
Targeted paid media on channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and property websites can drive sellers to website landing pages with sign-up forms. Once filled, potential sellers can then be segmented based on location. With remarketing from your CRM lists, owners can be turned into sellers and lost landlords can be marketed to.

4. Pre- and post-open house communications

Real estate CRM automation can send out date-and-time reminders, as well as messages to reschedule should a lead be unable to attend. Furthermore, automated follow-up emails can be deployed minutes after a potential lead has attended the open house to quickly ascertain their thoughts on the property. An open house presents the ideal opportunity to capture new leads via a mobile app and funnel them into your real estate CRM for segmentation.

Leverage a real estate CRM for optimised lead generation and beyond...

With optimised lead generation forming an integral part, the true potential of a real estate CRM lies in its ability to integrate with a real estate agency’s existing software and processes. By connecting digital-first, automated solutions with established methods, a CRM can help you deliver effective digital marketing at every touchpoint of the property cycle, delivering high quality lead generation and more closed deals in the long run.
EagleCRM is an intuitive real estate listing and contact management suite that puts the power of automation in your hands. With EagleCRM, you can manage your properties from ‘prospect’ to ‘settled’, as well as generate, nurture and track leads throughout the property cycle (and beyond).
Ready to harness the power of real estate CRM automation for your agency? Book an EagleCRM demo here.

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