Peter van de Paverd·Eagle·02 March 2021

February 2021 Product Release

Autumn is upon us as we wrap up another successful product quarter. I hope you and your team were able to enjoy some time off over the Christmas break and have settled in to the new year! Watch the video below for a walk through of the latest features released this quarter as well as a sneak peek as to what's coming up.

Interactive Owner Portal

New online owner report for vendors and landlords

With this release we introduce a completely new online vendor and landlord report. This new interactive owner report not only looks great but is automatically loaded with lots of information from your activities in the CRM to help showcase your efforts and campaign progress with your clients.

With our existing custom owner report functionality, clients can now iterate their own custom designs from this new report.

For clients with an Eagle website, you can now have a login section on your website where owners can view their properties and access reports for them.

Contact sidebar widgets

Deeper insights and context at a glance

We're excited to introduce new sidebar widgets to help manage your contacts and have deeper insights into their relationships with other people and properties.

The related contact widget allows you to easily see and manage spouses, solicitors or other related contacts all within the sidebar.

The ownership widget gives you full context of a contacts relationship with properties including future, current and past properties they have owned, along with a timeline of events such as appraisals, listings and contract in the system, giving you the full ownership history at a glance.

The tenancy widget allows you to easily see and manage current tenancies and helps to keep track of properties which are tenanted.

Running Late SMS

Have you ever been running late or stuck in traffic trying to get to an inspection on time? With Eagle you can now seamlessly send an SMS to all registered inspection contacts with just a few taps.

Mobile app updates

New functinality and streamlined workflows while on the road

Using Eagle on the road has never been easier with these latest updates. Now when checking in a contact to an inspection, you can see if they have inspected before and how many times before, giving you valuable context as to their interest. We've also streamlined the process of sending documents to interested buyers, as well as inspection reports to owners after an inspection. We've also introduced the ability to create appraisals within the app making it even easier to track listing opportunities on the road.

New filters

Identify opportunites by filtering owner based on their activity

Our advanced filters allow you to dive into your data to find exactly what you're looking for. We've released some more granular advanced filters for address owner activity, allowing you to identify owners in your database who may be interested in purchasing another property or that you haven't been in contact with recently.

What's coming up?

Take a look at new features coming soon to the Eagle platform

In the coming quarter we'll be rolling out upgrades to the new buyer table based on feedback we've been collating from you all. Contact segments are also in the pipeline to help stay in contact with your database and identify opportunities. A new subscriber settings page will give contacts more granular control of what communications they receive from you and we'll continue to make upgrades to the mobile app starting with a new inbound caller ID feature. Stay tuned!

Eagle Rello Integration -  On-Demand Webinar

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