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Features To Look For In A Real Estate CRM

Part One: Why Use A Real Estate CRM?

In terms of features there are a few key things that you should be looking for:

“The CRM can actually capture Data automatically!”

  • Portal pushing that is fast and reliable.
  • Contact importing from enquiries.
  • Email marketing with reporting.
  • Brochures.
  • Mobile App for agents on the go.
  • Automation.

Automation is key when it comes to effectively managing your time. As an agent, communicating with a variety of individuals is one of the most time consuming tasks you can oversee. It typically involves:

  • Reminders to maintain communication (send a document to someone, get back to someone with information etc.)
  • Knowing who is the target of that communication and their contact details (Is it one person or a group of people? Did you remember to get their contact details?)
  • Writing the email, sending an SMS or making the call
  • Making a note or entry signifying completion of the task

When examining communications closely, you might find that yourself spending 10 minutes or more on just one email! If you multiply that over the course of a day or even a week, the time loss becomes substantial.

“Having a CRM that can automate things for you gives you a huge advantage.”

A CRM can help you take back that time by automatically sending communications for you. Here are some examples:

  • Thank you email in response to an enquiry from your website or an advertising portal
  • Thank you email and contract/rental application form after inspecting a property
  • Notifications of other properties you have listed that match their requirements
  • Notification of upcoming inspections
  • Sending of regular vendor/landlord reports
  • Notifying interested buyers/tenants that a property has been sold/let (and a look at other listings)
  • Market updates to current or prospective vendors/landlords/investors (with reporting and notifications)

“These days, everyone’s got a smartphone.
Everyone wants to just ‘Google’ and have information at their fingertips …

With CRM automation, you can give them that information, and in volume!”

A CRM will never be able to automate communications that require personalisation. However, what these communications can do is deliver information right to people’s fingertips. In our technology saturated society, people expect information wherever and whenever they want it, so why not give it to them? Then when they’re ready to reach out to you, they will, because you’ve kept them in the loop. This provides an ideal way to regularly maintain fresh leads.


It’s easy to see that this constant desire for information and the time restraints of a modern, on-the-go agent, require a CRM that provides value to your day. Having an interface that is easy to use is vital to successful business outcomes. It isn’t uncommon to see CRM software going completely unused because they’re just too complicated to understand. It doesn’t matter if it has every feature under the sun, if it’s a pain to use, people won’t use it. Simplicity is key to productivity. The more involved your agency is with their CRM, the more effective you can be as a business.

Part Three: Return On Your CRM Investment

Part Four: Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your CRM?


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