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Easy ways to keep your vendor in the loop

Communication is key - it’s a blanket statement that all of us have heard, yet the breakdown of communication is one of the major reasons why relationships fail. This is no different in your professional life than it is from your personal life, as humans it's our instinct to build relationships. Positive relationships in our work life can make you generally happier, more productive and more successful in the long term.

When it comes to communicating to your vendors, not only will a positive relationship create an environment for a higher chance of a successful sale, but both you and your vendors will have a much better experience. Better experiences in the long term should increase referrals and return clients. The foundations for any successful salesperson.

Every salesperson is going to have a different process for how they communicate with their clients, but there are some basics that your CRM should be able to assist you with, so that you can spend more time working on building your business.

Online Vendor Portals

The more successful you become, the more time poor you may become. So the last thing you want to be doing is spending each Monday putting together manual vendor reports, whilst your vendors chase you up for the feedback from the opens over the weekend and the enquiries over the last week.

Using a modern CRM such as Eagle, your enquires from your website and the major portals such as realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au should all come through to your CRM automatically.

You should also have a mobile app that enables your clients to register themselves for inspections so you can easily check them into your inspections and enter in their feedback directly into your CRM system.

When you have a popular listing, all this information flowing through to your vendor reports automatically will not only save you time BUT assist you in your communication with your vendor as it creates a healthy level of perceived distance between you and the markets feedback on the property as it’s not curated but the real comments made by real buyers.

Eagle takes this the next step further and provides you with a live 24/7 online vendor portal website that you can provide to your vendor so they can see all the buyer feedback, live as it comes in.

Our online vendor reporting portal provides you with a Summary screen, to provide all the key numbers important to someone selling their property. Next is the Marketing tab, showing the web views, marketing activities and email marketing key numbers. The Feedback tab shows interest levels, price feedback, offers and all comments made. Inspections display all upcoming inspections and those already conducted and the buyers that attended. Lastly is Files, which is a page that your vendors can view and download any files you have stored for their property.


Speak to our team if you would like to organise your own custom version of our Online Vendor Portal


Every agency should have standard communication emails you would send out to your clients at different stages of the sale. Things like the below:

  • Thank you for listing - What happens next?
  • Congratulations! Your property is now live online
  • Access your online vendor portal
  • We have received an offer - What happens next?
  • You have accepted an offer - Important Dates
  • Congratulations! Your property has officially been sold!
  • Things to prepare for your move

Automations in Eagle enable you to set up customised communication plans, so that at different stages of a listing and a contract, the system can send those standard emails out to your vendors and in turn keep your communication up and your vendors kept in the loop.

From an agency perspective, management will know that the agency is keeping its clients up to date with the status of their sale.

Looking to automate your business communications? Speak to our team today

SMS Notifications

Emails are an effective way to send detailed communications to clients but they do suffer from low open rates. Sometimes there are communication points that we need to go directly to our vendors. This is where SMS’ play an important role in your automated and manual communication strategies.

Eagle CRM supports sending SMS’ to your clients which can be fantastic for things like post-inspection updates and for when their property has gone online or an offer has come through. Things your vendors will want to know about as soon as they occur, straight to their mobile devices screen.

SMS’ can be built into your automations, so important communication touch points are sent without agency interaction, so as soon as something happens, the vendors are notified.

Speak to our team today to find out how SMS’ can power your businesses communications to your vendors

Eagle experience an automation

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