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Automation. Finding the right balance for your real estate agency

When I mention the word “Automation” you should see how some agents eyes just “light up”!

Yes, automation can solve a lot of problems in the workflow of your business but it's not something that will be the saviour to all your time management woes.

Why is automation required in a real estate office?

Namely because of a lack of time and human resources. Also, with the nature of a typical real estate office, our staff members are always dealing with the pressing immediate calls, emails, inspections and emergencies which tend to fill most of our day.

If you can implement a few key automations to help reduce the workload of your staff, this will have a dramatic impact on the efficiency of your office.

However, it’s finding the right balance between automation and manual tasks that need to be taken into consideration.

We need to remember that Real Estate is a people business and with an educated consumer, we have to be careful not to have our automation appear cold and impersonal.

If you can implement an automation in combination with human follow up, this will yield the best results for your staff and clients.

Top 3 Automations to implement into your real estate business

1 - Lead Capture & Enquiry Reply

Enquiries for sales and property management can come in at any time of the day. Agents aren’t always at their desks and are normally out at inspections or in meetings with clients.

Todays consumer requires instant gratification. If we don’t reply in a reasonable amount of time, then we can be perceived as being uncaring and inefficient.

If we can implement an automation that instantly captures the enquiry details into our database and then responds via email or SMS to the enquirer within minutes, this can leave a positive immediate impression and also alleviate the stress on the agent having to get back to them straight away.

2 - Weekly OFI Campaigns

In many offices, someone is responsible for putting together the weekly Open For Inspection email. This campaign can be both for sales and property management.

If the person responsible for the campaign is busy or has time off, the campaign is either sent at different times of the week or just doesn’t get done. This is one problem that can be solved with automation.

Some database programs will have the ability to create this campaign and schedule it to be sent at the same day and time every week to the nominated groups within the database.

Further to this, these database programs will deliver directly to the agents the names of the people who clicked on the properties within the campaign. The agents can then call those people who showed most interest and confirm they will be attending the open.

3 - Purchaser Anniversary

We all want to stay in touch with our past purchasers so that if they ever list to sell in the future, we are top of mind. We set out with every intention of sending the Anniversary Letters, but with the passing of time, we forget, or if we don’t create the letter at the correct time (12 months later), we have missed the opportunity.

If you set up an automated email to be sent on the anniversary of the settlement, this will remove the need to remember and the system will take care of the delivery of the email. Added to this you would have a Task reminder to call that person 1 day later. This automation would continue every year and with the phone call follow up this can ensure you don’t miss those opportunities to stay in touch and win repeat business.

If you feel that there are too many manual processes in your office and you would be open to implementing a few key automations to help improve efficiency, reduce stress and help stay top of mind with your clients and prospects, call us today on 03 9016 0444 or contact us via our website at

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