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Trevor Bragg·Database·20 April 2021

10 Attention Grabbing Headlines to Generate Seller Leads

Finding it hard to get selling leads from your real estate CRM? If so, it might be time to review and change your messaging. In your marketing, using terms such as “Thinking of selling” and “Free Market Appraisal” is quite common, overused by many agencies and could be too generic to receive a qualified response.   When prospecting for selling leads out of your CRM, try mixing up your...

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Trevor Bragg·Content Marketing·18 December 2020

Better Prospecting with Content Marketing

Staying in touch with Prospects can be hard work. For many real estate agents that might be a reason why consistent prospecting gets left for another...

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Trevor Bragg·CRM·23 November 2020

How the Real Estate CRM Has Killed Agency Spreadsheets

The age of Excel is over — at least when it comes to real estate agencies. Spreadsheets revolutionised agency processes back in the 1980s, and freed us from the inefficiencies of paper-based administration. While they may continue to add value for some time, growth-minded businesses...

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Trevor Bragg·CRM·27 October 2020

Why Eagle Software is the Best Real Estate CRM For Agencies

A growth-minded, future-oriented real estate agency is no stranger to the benefits of automation, and even CRM. But Customer Relationship Managements (CRM) platforms are not made equal. A real estate CRM made with...

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Trevor Bragg·Marketing·28 September 2020

10 Traits for an Easy To Use Real Estate CRM

With advancements in technology your CRM software should be getting easier to use - not harder. So what does “easy to use” CRM software look like in the real estate industry in 2020? Below is a list of 10 traits every modern real estate CRM should include for its users.  1. Nil & Single Data Entry With portal enquiries now able to be captured by the CRM software there should be less reliance on...

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Trevor Bragg·Mobile App·30 July 2020

Moving towards Online Owner Reports

Everyone has different needs and wants. Some vendors and landlords demand instant updates on the marketing, enquiries and inspections on their property. Some are happy to wait for a weekly catch up. Some agents like to include a whole lot of feedback and visuals into their Owner Reports. Some keep it brief and to the point with a summary and some important numbers. So for us as CRM software developers and you as...

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Trevor Bragg·CRM·02 January 2020

Start cranking up your CRM for 2020 and beyond

Want to get your more out of your CRM in 2020 and beyond? If so, the question is - where do we start? Do you blow the dust off the existing CRM and get the team and yourself re-trained?  Or, do you start from scratch with a new and...

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Trevor Bragg·Mobile App·12 September 2019

How mobile is your real estate agency?

The way we work in real estate is vastly different today than what it was 10 years ago. The traditional real estate office with its retail shop front window display has been revolutionised with every passing year. More and more agencies are moving upstairs into Commercial Office space and allowing staff to work remotely from home and in some instances great distances from the main office.  This has many time saving and...

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Trevor Bragg·Marketing·21 March 2019

Review & Comparison Websites. What's best for your real estate business and online profile?

With releasing it’s Agent Reviews, many in the real estate industry are questioning where they should be directing their clients to for their testimonials and reviews. Adding another provider to the mix has made the process of getting reviews from clients all the more...

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Trevor Bragg·Websites·18 January 2019

4 tips to keep and convert visitors on your real estate website

In the online world, the challenge for marketers is how do we retain someone's interest and get them to become subscribers and followers of our service.  In the real estate industry it is widely accepted that when promoting properties or your business via email, social media and other...

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