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Marcus Wong·Marketing·10 November 2017

How to Create a Facebook Business Page for Real Estate Agencies

ATTENTION: If you own a real agency you NEED a Facebook page for your business, RIGHT NOW. If the fact that 350 million Australians, or 90% of the adult population (and your audience) has a Facebook account isn’t enough for you, here are 5 quickfire reasons: It makes your business look tech savvy. You drive new users to your website. You build yourself up as a real estate expert for your...

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Marcus Wong·Marketing·03 October 2017

How to Send Better Email Campaigns

As a real estate agent, email campaigns are the most important tool in your marketing arsenal.  Email campaigns: Makes you an expert in your area Help you generate extra leads Start a conversation that encourages enquiries Lets prospects know that you’re active and out going in marketing   Here’s the ultimate guide to crafting the perfect email campaign, so you can earn...

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Marcus Wong·Eagle·19 September 2017

How to Get More Facebook Likes and Follows for Real Estate Agents

Your business is too important to NOT have an active and exciting social media account.  Social media is: A powerful tool with reach to thousands of people. Where potential clients go to research your company. How you can engage and build relationships with existing clients.   From my experience, the biggest mistake social media accounts make is not having a social media strategy.  As...

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Marcus Wong·Websites·19 September 2017

How to Read a Google Analytics Report Like an Expert!

Do you want to track your website’s growth, but are unsure of what the numbers mean? All users with an Eagle website have their stats recorded by Google Analytics and receive a monthly report. Read this guide to become an Google Analytics data expert in less than 2 minutes! Report Overview Google...

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Marcus Wong·Websites·22 June 2017

How our Clients are Adding to their Brand and Revenue with Property Booklets-For FREE

Shhh…  some of our clients want us to keep this a secret but chances are, you’re not getting the most out of your property booklets. We all know that property booklets are great handouts to prospects to showcase your best properties.  But did you know you can use them for so much more? Promoting your own products Generating revenue by advertising local business Make your booklet into something...

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Marcus Wong·Websites·31 May 2017

5 Steps to Maximize Your Portal Leads to Build a Better Database

5 Steps to Maximize Your Portal Leads to Build a Better Database When a prospect contacts your agency from a real estate website they’re sending across valuable information that you can use to close the deal.  Unfortunately, many real estate agencies who are using outdated software to build their client database suffer from two problems: Losing information- important client information is lost or not used...

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Marcus Wong·Websites·20 May 2017

How to turn your Real Estate Website into a Lead Generating Machine

Having a website is one thing, but getting the most out of your website is another. In this post I’ll teach you 5 strategies that can turn your website into a lead generating machine, where you get interested people to the top of your funnel, nurture them, and then when they’re ready to do something, ensure that you’re at the top of their mind. 1. List building Step 1 is building a list of people who are interested in...

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