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Jordan Reyneke·Websites·18 February 2019

Streamlined Offer Management with new MarketBuy Integration

The team here at Eagle Software are pleased to announce a new integration with MarketBuy that allows for seamless integration of the online offer management system into your Eagle Website. MarketBuy is an online platform that helps agents facilitate offers for private property sales. This setting enables agents...

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Jordan Reyneke·Database·29 October 2018

CRM Hacks for the Agent On-The-Go

The world has changed. Software platforms are now a staple in every industry, changing our processes and pushing us to adapt to new schools of thought. This has created a divide throughout the Real Estate profession, with some agents settling down behind the computer, spending the time to leverage their digital database, while others cling to their traditions, avoiding the office at all costs to maximise their time spent face-to-face with...

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Jordan Reyneke·Database·24 July 2018

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your CRM?

An important thing to remember about using a CRM is that it’s a tool. You’ll only ever see return on what you put into it. It will only ever amplify the effort that your team is already making. While there is a large element of automation, if you don’t take the time to...

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Jordan Reyneke·Database·20 July 2018

The ROI of a real estate CRM

A return on investment (ROI) is essential to the success of a business.   And while having a real estate CRM with a variety of automated features is great, you’ve got to tie it back to value. What outcomes can the CRM deliver that makes it worth...

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Jordan Reyneke·Database·13 July 2018

Features To Look For In A Real Estate CRM

Part One: Why Use A Real Estate CRM? In terms of features there are a few key things that you should be looking for: “The CRM can actually capture Data...

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Jordan Reyneke·Database·06 July 2018

Why Use A Real Estate CRM?

Comparing a CRM to traditional contact database tools like Outlook or Gmail is like comparing apples with oranges. They are entirely different, even if they both have seeds, or in this case, contacts. A CRM, as the name suggests, is designed for client relationship...

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