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August 2020 Product Release

Can you believe that Spring is just around the corner?! 2020 has been a challenging year for many as COVID-19 and the associated lockdowns have changed the way many of us operate. At Eagle HQ the transition to working remotely was thankfully pretty straight forward owing to the fact that all our tools and systems are cloud based.

Throughout the year our team has continued working hard to keep delivering new features and improvements to Eagle and we’re really proud as to how well the team has transitioned to working remotely. Today we’re going to run through all the big ticket items we’ve released and give you a sneak peek of some exciting things to come.

Advanced filtering

Filter on more data, in more ways, and using advanced logic

Our new advanced filters allow you to really drill down into your data to find and target very specific lists. These new filters have been rolled out to contacts, addresses, appraisals, listings and contracts. One common use case with the advanced filters is prospecting and nurturing targeted lists of contacts. For example, say you just sold a property and want to let all the owners in the street know about the result, but only odd street numbers because they have water views like the property you just sold. You can filter your addresses exactly like this to find all the owners in that street with odd numbers, select them all and send a bulk email or SMS.

Global component popups

Add notes, schedule inspections, create tasks and send communications to anyone, from anywhere, and associate it with anything

We’ve streamlined the way you carry out many actions in Eagle including sending emails, SMS and letters, adding notes or tasks, starting automations and scheduling events and property inspections. With the new popups you can complete these actions from any screen, allowing you to view other related information on screen. Popups also persist as you navigate throughout the software and will even prefill contextually depending on where you launch them from. It’s never been as fast and easy (outside of automations) to complete these types of actions.

New automation triggers

Send automatic messages or create tasks for birthdays, anniversaries, and other custom dates

Sending messages on birthdays or anniversaries is a great way to keep in touch with your database. Previously, Eagle could automate purchaser anniversaries for properties that your agency sold. You can now use custom field dates to trigger any other type of anniversaries, communications or tasks.

For example, if you notice a new competitor listing you can add the listing date to the address in Eagle (as a custom field date), that after 80 days, creates a task for you to check if the listing is still active so you can reach out to that potential client. With these new triggers, you can now also set a birthday on a contact and have a fully customisable email and/or SMS sent automatically to contacts on their birthday!

Upgrades to Zapier integration

Zapier is an integration platform that allows Eagle to send and receive data from other apps. Previously you could create a contact in Eagle through zapier (eg. from an enquiry form on a third party website or app like Facebook). These new upgrades provide more functionality around what you can do including adding an enquiry, adding an appraisal, updating custom fields, updating contact preferences and creating notes in Eagle.

An example use case could be that when someone submits an appraisal request on your Wordpress website, or even a Facebook Lead from your ads, that it automatically creates an appraisal in Eagle. From there you can have that fire an automation to do various other things like send an email and add the contact to a group. For help setting up Zapier, read our Zapier help article or contact our support team.

Global quick search upgrade

Find what you're looking for, quickly and easily, from anywhere

We received a lot of great feedback on the kinds of improvements users wanted on the global quick search. After collating and reviewing feedback and a lot of research the new quick search function makes it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for and provides much more information up front. The global quick search will look for contacts, listings, addresses, appraisals and contracts and will begin showing results immediately as you type. We’re very happy with how this feature turned out and it has significantly streamlined finding and navigating to different records throughout Eagle.

Custom vendor/landlord reports

With this new release we can now develop your own custom design online vendor or landlord reports into Eagle. This gives full flexibility for you to have your owner reports designed exactly to your specifications, whether it be tweaking how the existing report displays, or a complete redesign with extra information, different layout, custom fonts, charts, graphs, tabs and anything you can think of. If you’d like to have a custom owner report, contact us with your ideas and we’ll quote on the cost to build it for you. Once the template is built and loaded in your account you have unlimited usage of the report.

Private Inspections

This release introduces private inspections which makes it easier to book, manage and view private inspections.

This replaces the event types 'Buyer Inspection' and 'Potential Tenant Inspection' which were previously used for private inspections. Since private inspections are an actual inspection on the listing they now show everywhere that an 'open' or 'registration required' inspection shows (property listings, on the inspections page, on owner reports, in the mobile app etc.). We also have some new automations for communicating with the person attending the inspection including for confirmation (with calendar invite), a reminder prior to the inspection, change of time and a cancellation message.

Release Notes

Stay up to date with the latest feature releases from the Eagle team

With so many updates happening with Eagle we wanted to make sure we could keep you up to date without filling up your email inbox. Earlier this year we added Release Notes to the Help menu within Eagle. Every 2 weeks we publish a new post which outlines released features and updates for the previous 2 weeks. In addition to this we also write a more detailed post for bigger feature releases. If you’re ever wondering what’s new at Eagle, head on over to the Help > Release Notes section to get up to speed with the latest features and improvements.

What’s on the roadmap?

We’re working on upgrading a few core features to help streamline processes including a new and improved activity feed and sidebars - these will make it easier to navigate Eagle and will pack some powerful extra functionality in them. We’re also creating a new segments feature which builds on the advanced filters we’ve already released. Now that we’ve released custom vendor/landlord reports we’re currently working on upgrades to buyer management which will flow through to the reports and provide more detailed information to your clients. Stay tuned!

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