Luke Paverd·Eagle·11 October 2019

October Product Update

Spring is in the air! It's been a beautiful start to ours here at Eagle HQ in Melbourne, and we've had much needed thawing out from the winter. During the quarter we had our 5 year anniversary, so thanks to all of you for helping us get here!

We've got some great improvements, and it's all setting us up for exciting things coming soon...

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Online Vendor Report 

Send your vendors a real time online vendor report

With our new online vendor report, you can send your vendor a link to their report at the start of the campaign, and they can view it at any time. Data is updated instantly as it comes in.

To see the online vendor report, go to your listing, go to Vendor Report, and you will see the new button to access the online vendor report. You can also make a link to the vendor report in your templates and automations by using the property_owner_report_link tag.

Purchaser Documents Online

Give your purchasers access to a secure online area to download documents for a property

Similar to our online vendor report, every property now has a unique documents link that you can send to buyers. When the buyer clicks they link, they see all of the documents that you've uploaded on the property.

We've also improved our email sender so you can easily send to multiple people, send to spouses, send multiple attachments, cc's and bcc's.

To see the online purchaser documents link, go to your listing, go to Images, Docs & Copy, and you will see the new button. You can also make a link in your templates and automations by using the property_documents_link tag.

Automatic Reference Checks

Simplify your reference checks

When an applicant completes a rental application, you can automatically email their references and request a reference check. The reference can complete an online form, and shows up on the application.

Multiple Tenants in Rental Applications

Process multiple applications together

When a potential tenant fills out a form, the other occupants will receive an invite to complete a rental application themselves. The applicants are then bundled together so you can review them easily all in one place.

We've also added made other improvements to the rental applications including:

  • Prefilling applications for tenants - when a tenant goes back to their application, their details are saved. When a tenant applies for another property, their details are automatically saved
  • When you're editing a rental application form, you can specify which fields show up on the tenancy declaration and which fields show up on the landlord version
  • We've also added automations around applications and reference checks

Inspection Reports

Report to your owners on inspections

The new inspection report shows who has registered, attended and how many are interested from an inspection.

We've also made other improvements around inspections including:

  • A/B Testing on the Book Inspection Form. You might have seen different variations on the book inspection form - this is because we're testing which variation works better to maximise registrations
  • We've also added automations around inspections including new actions to delete upcoming inspections and turn off invites to new inspections

Leasing Process Status Updates

We've changed the leasing inbox so that potential tenancies can only be in one status at once. We've also tweaked the statuses to better reflect the process of reviewing applications.

Manage Duplicates

Bulk merge your duplicate contacts

This feature will give you a full list of all of the suggested duplicate contact files the software has found in your account based on things like the contact name, email address and/or contact number.

Once you've identified your duplicates, you can quickly review them and merge them. To start managing your duplicate contacts, go to Contacts->Click the down arrow next to the "Add New" button->Manage Duplicates.


Setup automatic campaigns to only show listings from a particular user or a particular office. This is handy when you're running two brands and want to be able to only send certain listings for certain brands.

With our MovingHub integration, the Agent that made the referral will correctly get  assigned to the credit in MovingHub. You can setup commission splits with users in MovingHub.

We've also added highlight fields for commercial listings on the property details tab. This allows you to put in dot points of the main features of your listing and will show on compatible portals.

Homely $20k giveaway

This spring Homely’s giving away $20,000 to a home seller or landlord AND their agent. Entry is easy-peasy. For the chance to ‘Spring into $20K’ the homeowner just fills out the form at Once you pop your listing on Homely and they’ve filled out the entry form, you’re officially in the running.

What's on the roadmap?

We're still working on improvements for the new leasing module, and then we're bringing over all the cool stuff we've done for the leasing module over to sales, including adding more data and flexibility to the vendor report.

We're currently working on advanced filtering, which will allow you to make really advanced queries like "Who are my owners on the waterfront side of Smith St who have had an appraisal from us who have visited our website or clicked an email in the last month who we have a mobile number for?"

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