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5 Steps to Maximize Your Portal Leads to Build a Better Database

5 Steps to Maximize Your Portal Leads to Build a Better Database

When a prospect contacts your agency from a real estate website they’re sending across valuable information that you can use to close the deal.  Unfortunately, many real estate agencies who are using outdated software to build their client database suffer from two problems:

  1. Losing information- important client information is lost or not used effectively.
  2. Wasting time- agents fail to organize themselves and contact buyers whilst their interest is high.

Fortunately, these two problems can be easily solved by a great customer relationship management (CRM) tool that automates the entire process, from website lead importing to database organization and the first follow up email.

Today, I’ll be showing you 5 ways that Eagle Software’s automatic lead importing feature can help you get the most out your website leads and build a better database.



STEP 1: Automatic lead importing

After your client reaches out to you via a real estate website, their contact information is automatically imported into your database.  Save time and ensure that information is never repeated, or lost.

STEP 2: Autogenerate professional vendor reports

If your client’s information has already been imported, there’s no reason you should have to waste time compiling it into a reader friendly vendor report.  Eagle Software can help you generate a customized vendor reports with just a few clicks.

STEP 3: Search social media for contact information

Nowadays, most people openly share their contact information on social media.  If you’re having trouble contacting an interested buyer with email, a quick, automatic social media search can add their phone number to your database.

STEP 4: Compile property search preferences

Got a client who’s looking at 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom town houses with a garden in Fitzroy?  Armed with this information, you can prepare a list of similar properties from your database so you don’t lose a buyer if they’re not satisfied with the listings they picked online.

STEP 5:  Follow up instantly to interest with a personalized email

Did you know that these autoresponder campaigns can get an open rate of up to 70%?  Reaching out to a client immediately after they’ve shown interest is an effective and easy way to build trust.  It makes contacting you again as easy as hitting the “reply” button and allows you to send across high-value content like your best blog posts or similar property listings.  That’s how you turn website leads into a great customer relationship!

So there you have it- with an automatic system like Eagle Software in place you can get the most out of your website leads and build a better database.  By automating your website lead importing you can save time and give you the edge to make a successful sale.  Learn more about what we can do for you here.

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