Trevor Bragg·CRM·28 September 2020

10 Traits for an Easy To Use Real Estate CRM

With advancements in technology your CRM software should be getting easier to use - not harder.

So what does “easy to use” CRM software look like in the real estate industry in 2020?

Below is a list of 10 traits every modern real estate CRM should include for its users. 

1. Nil & Single Data Entry

With portal enquiries now able to be captured by the CRM software there should be less reliance on agents and admin staff adding in basic contact details. When adding contact data their should be prompts that notify you that the contact already exists. Also, listings should only be entered once for your website and portal advertisements. Properties once sold could even be “Cloned” and updated so there is no need to have to re-enter all the property data.

2. Less clicking 

Do a test on your current real estate CRM. From when you login, how many clicks does it take to get to all your latest listings? How many clicks to access all your contacts? What about adding a Contact, Inspection or sending an email? Ideally, it should take no more than 2 clicks.

These are just a couple of examples of how less clicking makes the real estate CRM easier to use. The goal is to get to the information quickly without performing multiple clicks.

3. Quick Find

When looking for something specific in your real estate CRM, you want to be able to find it quickly. Your CRM should include a Global Search function that allows you to enter a small piece of information and then recall suitable matches. First Names, mobile phone numbers, email and property addresses should be able to be searched and the results quickly brought to the screen. Also, an inbuilt default of displaying the most recently accessed property and contact records allows you to find information quickly.


4. Mobile

Your CRM information needs to be accessed remotely. Not just contacts and listings but also all your historical notes and communications. Information that resides in the desktop version, should be available in the associated CRM app as well. Real estate is highly mobile. Agents are meeting people outside of the office, so it's important that agents can access all their vital data whilst working remotely.


5. Workflow logic

Does your next click make sense? Do you have to scroll to a whole other area of the system to perform your next function? Do you get the feeling that the developer of the software never worked in real estate or ever actually listened to their clients? For many this is the case and some systems just don’t make sense from a workflow prospective. 

It’s so important that the CRM software makes sense. What this means is the next action is logical in that it follows the normal way things are meant to happen. 


6. Modern Interface

For many, some CRM’s look old, dated and have way too many fields and options. Seeing this makes the CRM cluttered and it’s like navigating a maze for the user.

Software has to look good. If the software is modern and presents well, users will find it easy to use. Having an uncluttered CRM makes it easy and more accepting by the users.

7.“All in one”

Do you have to export and import data into another program for bulk email or SMS? Do you have to switch out of one CRM into another program to perform a marketing campaign? Shouldn't your CRM provide you with adequate tools to be able to do all this in the one system?

By having to take on extra subscriptions or manage data between programs doesn’t make your CRM easy to use.

So, the best option is to find a CRM that does most operations all in one. For example; having an all in one CRM + Sales Trust + eMarketing + Website allows data to flow easily between modules and lessens the need to add multiple sets of data or jump in and out of different software.


8. Automation

Turning on Automations makes your CRM even easier to use. Simple tasks like sending templated emails and SMS via the system lessens the need for users to have to do this. Automatically having weekly email campaigns sent at regular times removes the reliance on users forgetting or not having time to do it. By removing these tasks from the agents, the CRM becomes even easier to use and allows the agents to focus on more calls and meetings.

9. Fast

Operating within a slow CRM definitely is not easy. Tedious logging in, slow page loads and  long delays for search and result times is the last thing you want in your CRM. 

Your CRM needs to be lightning fast. The internet connection will definitely have something to do with it but also the CRM’s servers and optimisation of the database will contribute to your user experience.


10. Customisable

Every office is different and as CRM providers we need to allow for each office to collect and store important that’s relevant to our clients. Giving offices the ability to create their own custom fields within the CRM makes it easy to use. The custom fields also need to be available all throughout the CRM, so data is kept in the appropriate section. An example might be where you want to capture more information on a contact like “number of properties owned” or “reason for selling”.

For matching properties to people, and vice versa the use of tags allows flexibility within the CRM where normally property features are fixed and determined by the real estate portals. Tags can allow non physical features to be recorded. Examples of use of tags for matching properties to people could include; Waterviews or North Facing or South Side.

The ease of use of your real estate CRM is a very important factor in getting the most out of your CRM investment. If Principals, Agents and Admin don’t enjoy using the software, they will limit their use and this has a flow on effect with missed data, missed opportunities and ultimately lost business.

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