Trevor Bragg·Marketing·20 April 2021

10 Attention Grabbing Headlines to Generate Seller Leads

Finding it hard to get selling leads from your real estate CRM?

If so, it might be time to review and change your messaging.

In your marketing, using terms such as “Thinking of selling” and “Free Market Appraisal” is quite common, overused by many agencies and could be too generic to receive a qualified response.  

When prospecting for selling leads out of your CRM, try mixing up your message with some real reasons why people need to sell.

Below are 10 attention-grabbing “call to action” headlines you can use in your bulk emails, prospecting calls, social posts and letterbox drops to identify better selling leads. 

Outgrown your home? Let’s talk about your next move.

Relocating because of a new job? Should you sell up or rent?

Is your neighbourhood not the same as it use to be? Maybe it's time to move?

Is my block a good development site? Let’s find out!

Would selling now and relocating put you in a better financial position?

Is your house too hard to maintain now? Want something low maintenance?

Has the family moved on and you don’t need all those extra rooms? Is it time to downsize?

Has your family circumstances changed and it’s time for a new beginning in a new home?

Are you retiring and looking for a sea or tree change? Let’s see what your nest egg can get you!

Haven’t got the best neighbours and it’s time to go? Let’s get you moving!

These reasons can be added as fields in your CRM and used when doing targeted campaigns. Each message could have a piece of copy that is an email / SMS template, a blog post on your website or a hard copy letter. Each message could be used as a headline in your monthly eNewsletter as well.

By using these terms in your marketing, your prospects will identify with the message and be more likely to respond to your communication. You will uncover the real reason why people need to sell and this will put you one step ahead of the competition.

To learn more about using these messages in your real estate CRM, call us today on 03 9016 0444 or visit 


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