Tadhg Lewis

Software Engineer

Tadhg Lewis photo

Tadhg is a passionate web developer and one of our newest members. Working closely with the onboarder, he makes sure websites are developed and released to clients on time. Before joining Eagle Software, he was working with the WordPress platform developing and maintaining websites for his clients.

One of the proudest moments in Tadhg’s career came when he helped develop and release a website for an informal network of regional groups supporting and advocating for refugees and people seeking asylum.

Great colleagues and a stimulating collaborative environment are what make Eagle Software such a great place to work for Tadhg.

Usually, a tech guy in the office is a tech guy outside the office, right? It’s true for Tadhg. In his free time, he enjoys playing around with hardware, software, and anything related to technology. That’s certainly good to hear of your web developer! He has other hobbies as well however, such as going to the beach, go karting, and sending tough routes on rock climbing walls.