Peter van de Paverd

Chief Product Officer

Peter van de Paverd photo

Peter is our Chief Product Officer, but as one of the early members of Eagle Software he has done it all. He has worked in web development, business development, onboarding, client success and operations and has helped define and contribute to the product over the years.

Peter has studied small business management, business sales, financial services, business, fitness and public safety (SES Rescue). You could say he knows a thing or two! That’s an important quality in the fast-paced world of technology. Everything is constantly evolving, but that’s precisely what Peter loves about it. The positive company culture, excellent work environment, and the relationships built with clients are other highlights of being a part of Eagle Software.

Eagle Software’s products cater to real estate agents, but also business owners. Peter can relate to his clients because he has worked for companies of various sizes and was a business owner himself. This has given him a deep understanding of how companies operate and what challenges they face. This experience is invaluable in managing the development of Eagle Software’s solutions and the role it plays within the bigger picture of their business.

If Peter were not a person, he would be a bright and shiny classic car. He loves driving, looking and reading about cars. He owns a Holden HZ 1 Tonner. He also enjoys listening to podcasts and audiobooks about various topics, such as technology, science, finance, business and self-improvement. On a weekend you might find Peter hitting the home gym, catching up with friends over some video games, letting go of some lead up at the range or going out for breaky or a hike with friends and family.

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