Laura Pham

Web Developer

Laura Pham photo

When Laura joined our team, we knew we had someone in our midst that didn’t do things by halves. Especially when it comes to helping others with her impressive set of skills. Laura is one of those people who you just know is going to take things to another level, and considering her background in teaching not only in Australia, but also in London, we are so happy she changed her career path towards technology.

Having achieved both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Teaching, nothing seems to hold Laura back when it comes to spreading her wings. Having achieved success with creating a mental health app in just 2 weeks, she continues to impress after leading another software application to success with her unique talents.

When Laura isn’t spellbinding us with her gift for web development, she’s busy solving crime shows, snapping photos, or planning yet another overseas destination, of which she’s already visited almost two dozen.