Hussain Mushtaq

Web Developer

Hussain Mushtaq photo
“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.” – Oscar Wilde

Joining our web development team, Hussain brings with him two years of experience in his chosen field, which he attained after finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Bringing his sense of adventure into the workplace, Hussain flourishes in developing strong relationships with his team as well as customers, which helps him provide impeccable standards of work. It is this same thirst for perfection that has seen him build a hybrid app from scratch for a global biopharmaceutical company, which was ultimately published.

With a genuine passion for his career choice, Hussain thrives when coding, using his hunger for web development with JavaScript, CSS and HTML to his advantage, unless there’s coffee mocha ice-cream about. When not building the latest apps, Hussain enjoys adventure of a different kind, going on road trips and exploring new areas, always keen to explore scenic places of interest. That is unless Netflix has something worthy of his time.