Dylan Ang

Software Engineer

Dylan Ang photo

Dylan is an integral part of our software engineering team and came to us with a bucket load of experience that he’d acquired in various roles over the past four years. He brings such an incredible passion for his role and thrives in the team environment Eagle Software provides, calling his work part of his out-of-hours excitement. With years of extensive experience in software engineering, Dylan has worked on some exclusive projects, including Android applications such as Kotlin and Ruby on Rails.

His passion for gaming has seen him work on developments involving game testing, debugging, database management, lead game functionality programmer, plus game performance enhancements. Dylan has a business-level proficiency in Japanese and flourishes in his role at Eagle, giving him the freedom to spread his own wings and do what he does best. When not busy working on the latest project, Dylan enjoys Badminton, as well as working on anything to do with game development, video editing and strategy related things.